New Proxies - Fresh New Proxies

New Proxies - Fresh New Proxies

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IP Address Port Country Server Type Response Time Speed/Bandwidth States10.0735596405.39315

Proxy IP addresses newly checked at Saturday, 18 April 2015 08:43

Daily collecting brand new proxy servers

The task of finding and testing a new proxies list every day isn't easy. We developed several programs to find them using Google, Internet websites and probably the most important, other network oriented scripts to find fresh proxies that aren't published on other sites, this ones could be brand new proxy servers.

We add new proxy IP addresses and port every day to our database, we check them several times per day to be sure to publish on our site only the fast and fresh ones. All that requires a lot HTTP requests per day, some of them ending with timeouts(for the dead proxies) and the rest giving us fresh new daily proxies to share. Clever scripts are also required to be able to do all this without needing thousand of dollars in infrastructure.

You can see that more information about each server is published, our scripts obtain the response time, speed or bandwidht, type and country of each new proxy IP address that they find and of course, that information lists are also daily updated.

F for Fresh, Fast and Free

The letter F in our domain name means a lot, three attributes that all our IP addresses have, they are not only FRESH new proxies, also 100% FREE and FAST. Nowadays these attributes are very hard to find, most proxy IP addresses out there aren't fresh, they didn't give HTTP responses anymore to any proxy request; not to mention response times and speed, they are absurdly slow, that's why we check these values and publish here for you so you can only choose the faster proxies if you have time requierements or use every fresh new proxy if you don't.

In summary, new daily proxies are scarce but we work hard to get them and share them here, please use carefully, trying to don't abuse so we can continue providing this service without limitations.

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